eXtreem Cheer is Still taking registrations for the 2016- 2017 Half year season at BOTH our Hampstead, and Bow, NH. gyms. email info@extreemcheer.com

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Booster Club

Red, Silver and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc.

Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc. is eXtreemly happy to announce that the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service has granted Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc., 501(c)3 Non- Profit Charitable Organization, and is in good standing with and subject to the laws of the State of New Hampshire.

Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically to:

* Support cheerleaders/dancers in pursuit of their quest to compete in local, regional, and national championships.
* Offer educational opportunities for cheer coaches and dance instructors.
* Offer awards/gifts to cheerleaders/dancers in pursuit of higher education and financial support.
* Support a unified team of cheerleaders namely "eXtreem Stars" which is comprised of at least 66% physically and/or mentally challenged athletes.
* Offer educational workshops for parents.
* Offer organized fundraisers and financial support to cheerleaders and dancers with family hardships.

Who can participate?

* Anyone can participate who supports the purpose of the organization.
* What do I do? Participate in a listed fundraiser to assist an athlete in pursuit of their dreams.

Information is provided to you for each fundraiser.


The IRS requires that Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc. maintain a list of members who have paid a membership fee to join and maintain their membership in the Corporation. In light of this requirement, and also in light of the expenses legal and otherwise involved in setting this Corporation up. Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc. will charge a MEMBERSHIP FEE OF $50.00 ANUALLY. This fee must be paid in order for you to participate in any of the Group sponsored fundraisers, to defray your cheerleaders costs. This fee is due by July 1, 2015.


All fundraising activities will be handled through the Booster Club. Fundraising is available to all team members in good standing. An informational sheet with approximate charitable donation, payment information, deadlines, etc., will be given to all team members at the onset of each fundraiser. The charitable donation from each fundraiser is posted approximately 2 weeks after the closing date of the fundraiser. Fundraised money can not be expended until the actual deposit has been made into Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc.. All fundraised deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Red, Silver, and Black Spirit Boosters, Inc. Corporate Sponsorship:

Our Corporate sponsorship program is designed to help local kids realize their dreams of becoming competitive cheerleaders. It is also designed to give our sponsors a vehicle to demonstrate their civic pride and support, while still realizing significant advertising and community good will benefits, through a tax deductable donation.

Benefits to our sponsors:

1.) A tax deduction, while providing much needed funds to support local kids athletics programs

2.) A Plaque thanking the sponsor for their community spirit and support

3.) A listing on our gym t-shirt handed out to all members at the end of the season.(currently over 140 members)

4.) A listing with contact information here on our website. (1,980,000 hits and counting)

5.) A link from your listing here to your website

6.) Mention in our newsletter, with encouragement to all of our members and their families to use your business or service.

7.) Three levels of sponsorship participation to fit your budget and sense of civic responsibility.

Red Level Sponsors:

$100 This level of sponsorship will fund one regional competitions fees for one cheerleader

Silver Level Sponsors:

$300 This level of sponsorship will fund the uniform, choreography, and music expenses for one cheerleader.

Black Level Sponsors:

$1000 This level of sponsorship will fund ALL of the competition costs and uniform costs for one cheerleader.

* Black level sponsors get a second plaque with picture of our National Champion "special needs" team, the eXtreem Stars, thanking the sponsor for their support.