eXtreem Cheer is Still taking registrations for the 2016- 2017 Half year season at BOTH our Hampstead, and Bow, NH. gyms. email info@extreemcheer.com

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Classes and Private Lessons

Take a class to improve skills and learn new ones!

See our class description page to decide which class is best for you. Discounts available for siblings!
Very important information regarding classes / open gym

DISCLAIMER: Please understand the policies outlined below are for the safety & liability of our students. Classes have certain skill guidelines and ratio requirements, of which eXtreem Cheer has the responsibility to follow and uphold. Walk-ins to speciality classes don't allow us to do this. It is not the intention of eXtreem Cheer to EVER turn a student away from class, however we have to enforce our policies. We appreciate in advance your cooperation and understanding.

* Open Gym is the only class that allows walk-ins without prior enrollment.
* Open Gym is $5 for members and $10 for non-members.
* All specialty classes require enrollment requests. Call the gym at 329-6688.
(classes have a minimum and maximum enrollment)

Don't Forget...

* Tuition is due at the first class of enrollment in order to participate.
* Enrolling in a class and coming to the gym without payment still means that student owes for the missed class.
* Join a class ANYTIME during the 4 week class session, tuition will be pro-rated.
* Missed class due to non-payment, out of town, illness, etc CAN BE made up during another Speciality Class (based on skill level) during the SAME MONTH or at an Open Gym. To make up a class during a speciality class requires prior approval thru Gina.
* Classes missed due to gym closure MUST BE made up during Open Gym on the assigned Saturday. (See Session Sheet)
* WITHDRAWAL FORMS AVAILABLE AT FRONT DESK - Due by the 15th of month prior to withdraw from class and avoid charges for next session's class.

Make-up Class Policies
There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes. You may make-up one class per month. If you plan to attend a speciality class, you MUST NOTIFY Mark in advance of which class you want to attend. This is make sure that no class becomes suddenly overbooked. There will be no additional charge to make up a class. You must make up the class in the same month in which it will be missed. You can choose to attend a speciality class or an Open Gym. If you do not use your make-up class that month, you will not be allowed to carry it over to the next month.

Private Class/Lessons
Private class or lessons are paid directly to the instructor. Private and semi-private lessons must be paid for on or before the time of the lesson. Please call to cancel a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation does not occur, you must pay for that time slot whether the lesson is attended or not. If the lesson was paid for in advance and the cancellation was on time, a credit will be given for that class. Call the gym for pricing and availability! Gina books all private lessons.

In order to drop a class you must email info@extreemcheer.com ONE WEEK prior (7 days) to the start of a new session to inform us that you wish to drop a specific class for the next session. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DROP A CLASS. You will be responsible for any classes in a new session if you hold a spot on an attendance list because you have not emailed to be removed from the class within the timeframe allotted.


Registration is required to be enrolled in classes. $50.00 Annual Membership (May 2015- April 2016)

* Gym Member Cost: (1x a week) for 4 weeks=$50.00
* (2x a week) for 4 weeks=$70.00
* (3x a week) for 4 weeks=$70.00

* All-Star Cost: (1x a week) for 4 weeks=$30.00
* (2x a week) for 4 weeks=$50.00
* (3x a week) for 4 weeks=$50.00 *3rd class is FREE!*

* Open Gym: $5.00 for members
* $10 for non-members


**Specialty classes listed below -- (These classes CANNOT BE USED as 3rd class free)

**Flyght – Stretch - Flex
All star $50
Non All star $65

**The Complete Athlete – Cardio Bootcamp
All Star $50
Non All Star $65

**Performance Advantage
All Star $50
Non All Star $65

**Mini/Youth Stretch Flex and Tumble
All star $50
Non All Star $65

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eXtreem Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private lessons available to work skills! We offer 1-on-1 or small group training. Call for coach availability and pricing.
Gym Rental

Need a place to practice? Great for teams who need a full competition floor and ceiling height.

Gym Rentals include:

* 54' x 42' x 2" fully matted All Star floor
* 20' Tumbletrak with 24" and 36" foam pits
* 2 Tumble lanes
* Practice Trampoline
* Passive supervision

Call for pricing and availability