eXtreem Cheer is Still taking registrations for the 2016- 2017 Half year season at BOTH our Hampstead, and Bow, NH. gyms. email info@extreemcheer.com

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Class Descriptions

Classes are divided up according to the current USASF (United States All Star Federation) levels to best serve our customers’ needs and promote the progression of each athlete.

Here is the breakdown for the USASF levels to help you best understand which class level is perfect for you!

Level 1 - Forward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Forward / Back Walk Overs

Level 2 - Single Back Handsprings (standing), Series Back Handsprings (running)

Level 3 - Series Front / Back Handsprings (standing), Back Handspring Tucks / Round Off Tucks (running), Jump Back Handsprings

Level 4 - Standing Tucks, Standing Back Handspring Tucks, Round Off Back Handspring Layouts, Jump Back Handspring Tucks

Level 5 - Jump Tucks, Standing Full Twists, Round Off Back Handspring Full Twists, Double Full Twists

** All skills must be mastered at the previous level BEFORE an athlete is able to take a class in the next level. We are trying to ensure athlete and instructor safety by utilizing the PERFECTION BEFORE PROGRESSION mindset. If you are unsure which class to take, please email info@extreemcheer.com to ask which class would best suit your needs.

We are excited to offer the following tumbling classes, days and times for your convenience. We have something for everyone! Find the perfect class / instructor for YOU and get that next skill for your upcoming cheer season. Click on the SCHEDULE TAB for a monthly calendar of classes. To register, please email info@extreemcheer.com.


STRETCH N FLEX  –This class is designed specifically for cheerleaders looking to improve their jumps, air skills, tumbling, and flexibility! It’s time for cheerleaders to work stretching, flexibility, core strength and body awareness. Although this class is perfect for the “flyers in training”, it is designed to help ALL of our athletes - especially those wanting to increase strength to help with fundamentals in jumps, tumbling and stunts.

JUMP TO FLIP – This class will teach proper techniques with each skill executed. Learn how to connect EVERY jump to a bhs, standing tuck or standing combo tumbling pass. These combination skills are utilized in level 3 – 5 routines, as well as middle school, high school and college cheer. Jump to flip is one of the most important cheer skills necessary for success.

BOYS TUMBLE – Calling all boys – this is a class JUST for you! You asked for it, we delivered! Time for those siblings to have a little piece of extreem cheer all to themselves, no girls allowed. This class will cater to the guys of every age and level for an opportunity to experience tumbling on the blue mat while unleashing the uncanny male ability to land right-side up.

THE COMPLETE ATHLETE – CARDIO CONDITIONING BOOTCAMP – Our Saturday BOOTCAMP is back. Not for the faint of heart! This class is designed to make even those in the very best shape, sweat. Each major muscle group is addressed every class with a weekly focus on cardio work and aerobic activity. The class utilizes various Pilates and Plyometrics methods to increase strength, stamina, and speed. This class is truly helpful for any sport, but specifically designed to push those wanting to advance their over-all strength, muscle definition and stamina. Get yourself season ready!

PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE – Time to polish up all that skill. Set yourself apart from others by learning the small details that make your good skills look phenomenal. Learn skills and drills helpful at any tryout to give you a leg up on the competition. This class will cover work on Jumps, Dance, Motions, Transitions all of the small cleaning details that most athletes don’t realize they are performing incorrectly. A score sheet requires teams to achieve scores based on 50% raw skill (tumbling, jumps, stunts, motions, dance), but It is ALSO comprised of 50% detail work (expression, performance, transitions, sharpness, cleanliness) that is often times overlooked. Come work on the small details within each of those raw skill sets that will make you the PERFECT ATHLETE to any coach.

SPACE IS LIMITED! In order for the instruction to be most effective, we do have a MAX number of athletes per class – per instructor. This varies class to class based on the level, the type of class, skill requirements, and the instructor. We have done our absolute best to ensure that your athlete will get the most out of his or her class!

TO ENSURE YOU GET THE CLASSES, DAYS, TIMES, and INSTRUCTORS YOU WANT…. Please sign up as soon as possible.

Personal Cheer Trainer
Kristina Toney personal cheer trainer – 1 hour course @ eXtreem cheer
Ratio: 1:1
Level appropriate / customized for each athlete
**Parent / Guardian may stay and sit in on the session to help record / retain suggestions and feedback given to the athlete.

Kristina will assess and work with each aspect of the athlete’s skill level in the various areas of ground bound cheering such as: cardio, motions, jumps, tumbling and dance. Training will be offered to improve case specific muscle groups with stretches and exercises intended to strengthen the athlete’s skills basing, backing or flying. Positive and constructive feedback will be given following each segment of the work session allowing for the athlete to continually work toward self improvement and advancement. Receive valuable exercises, pointers, tips, corrections and subtle ways to improve and work toward becoming the athlete / cheerleader you want to be for your upcoming season. All done one on one – nothing over looked. Improvement is imminent! IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO START PREPARING!

Cardio - assessment / cardio work
Motions - work on placement, correct technique, finish motions, snap/punch, material pick up, and confidence
Jumps - learn technique, skills/drills, whip approach, jump placement, amplitude, landings and finish
Tumbling – learn how to make what you are ALREADY able to do…. Sharper, bigger, stronger, better!
Dance – PERFORMANCE! Learn to finish motions/moves, learn to SELL what you have, clean up & gain confidence
Basing – Work on muscle groups to help the “job” - role specific.
Flying – learn stretches, skill assessment, skills/drills, how to hit/look sharp, performance & confidence
Conditioning – working on improving the strength and overall fitness of the athlete

MANDATORY --- Each Athlete should have prepared for each lesson:
1 sideline cheer or chant of their choice
2 eight counts of dance. This does NOT need to be original material, any cheer dance will do. Music optional.

Please note: Tumbling will NOT be taught or advanced in this course. Kristina will review tumbling, give corrections or suggestions on how the athlete can IMPROVE upon what they are already able to do in this area. Tumbling classes are for tumbling advancement

Going forward our sessions will run on a calendar month (May – June, June – July etc.) to simplify everything for everyone. New month, new session –easy! As you know some months do have 5 weeks. You will be responsible for however many weeks (classes) are in that specific month (4 or 5).

Please send an email to info@extreemcheer.com with the specific classes, days, times, level and instructor. Please be advised, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ENROLL IN A CLASS. In order to streamline the handling of classes and the supervising of enrollment, we need to ensure that all requests for class admittance go through info@extreemcheer.com . YOU WILL receive confirmation via email that you are all set to take the class – OR that the class is full and unavailable at this time. We will be happy to place you on a waiting list for a specific class as a spot becomes available. Staff at the gym will have an updated class listing at the start of each session so lists will remain current.



$50 Per month - 1 class
$70 Per Month - 2 Class
(3rd Class free)

$30 Per month - 1 Class
$50 Per month - 2 classes
(3rd Class free)

**Specialty classes listed below -- (These classes CANNOT BE USED as 3rd class free)

**Flyght – Stretch - Flex
All star $50
Non All star $65

**The Complete Athlete – Cardio Bootcamp
All Star $50
Non All Star $65

**Performance Advantage
All Star $50
Non All Star $65

**Mini/Youth Stretch Flex and Tumble
All star $50
Non All Star $65

In order to drop a class you must email info@extreemcheer.com ONE WEEK prior (7 days) to the start of a new session to inform us that you wish to drop a specific class for the next session. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DROP A CLASS. You will be responsible for any classes in a new session if you hold a spot on an attendance list because you have not emailed to be removed from the class within the timeframe allotted.